Reading Wrap Up #2

Things have slowed down a little bit on the reading front. Commuting by train leaves you with a lot of time to read. I don't miss commuting, but I do miss having time each day to read. I think in 2018 I will try and set aside more time to get through my TBR, because it's getting quite out of hand!

Christmas Decorations on a Budget

This year is my first Christmas in my own (rented) home. Hooray! Whilst I am still spending the Christmas week back at my Mum's house with my family, I was still excited to decorate our little flat.

Money isn't "beans on toast for tea" tight, but we haven't got lots of money to throw around on Christmas decorations, so here's our Christmas on a budget!

Review: the T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask

Ah, the peel off face mask. It's the grown-up equivalent of covering your hands in PVA glue and trying to pull it off in one massive piece. Or that scene in Austen Powers: Goldmember, where Goldmember starts peeling off bits of his skin. "Ah, that's a keeper!" Ew.

T-Zone stepped it up with the blogger activity when they launched their Charcoal & Bamboo range, so I saw it all over my Twitter/Instagram feeds. Their influencer marketing obviously worked because I went out and bought this. But is it any good?

Primark's Brush Cleansing Pad vs Real Techniques' Brush Cleansing Palette

Washing makeup brushes is perhaps my least favourite chore. On Sundays, I'll put some washing on, do some cleaning, tidy up the house then finally relax. Come Monday morning I go to get ready for work and realise that I forgot to wash them and have to use a manky buffer brush to put my foundation on. Urgh.

For a long time I washed my brushes by hand, until finally investing in the Reach Techniques palette when I spotted it going cheap in TK Maxx. It was definitely a game changer, even though it didn't motivate me to wash them more often.

I was shopping in Primark recently, and impulsively picked up a PS Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad whilst queuing for the till. It was only £1.50 so I thought, why not?

So, here's my comparison of the two. Is the budget option better?

The Body Shop Back to School Feel Good Box Unboxing and Review

The Body Shop is my go-to store for many of my beauty items, but it's very rare that I'll step off the beaten path and try something new. Last month I ended up taking advantage of one of their great online offers and needed another item to hit the spend threshold, so I impulsively added their Feel Good Box to my basket. Take a peek at what I found inside...

Ordering from Society6 for the first time

Last month I ordered from Society6 for the first time. I have often browsed the website but never added anything to my basket. I was browsing Instagram one night and a couple of artists were talking about 20% off and free shipping, so how could I say no? 

Six Foundations for Pale Skin

Foundation is probably the most difficult type of makeup out there - it's so difficult to get the colour right. I have enough issues, being white as a sheet, but I definitely feel for people with darker skin tones because it must be even more difficult to find a match!

This post is one for the people with white skin. The type of skin that rarely sees sunlight (thank you, British climate), and when it does needs lashings of factor 50...